About BitchX

BitchX is a free software text-based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for UNIX-like systems.


  • Works out-of-the box.
  • Fully configurable and themable.
  • Extended ircII scripting functionality.
  • Built-in bot-like channel management functionality.
  • Built-in mass commands and tools.
  • Extended set of DCC commands and built-in CDCC/XDCC file offering.


BitchX began as a script by Trench and HappyCrappy for the popular UNIX IRC client ircII. Around Christmas of 1994 the script was patched directly into the client by Colten Edwards (panasync).

As BitchX was developed over the years it both developed its own large set of unique features, as well as acquiring many features from EPIC (another popular ircII offshoot).